Hurricane tracking in the new version of the eWeather HD

New version (5.5) of the eWeather HD for Android released. New version adds: • Hurricane tracking • Alarm clock time on clock dial and graph • Weather archive for month • Weather alert categories with different sounds and silent mode at night • How much ... »

Weather Glow - Best International Weather Forecasting App for Android

Weather Glow is an hourly weather forecast app for android users which alerts the users about weather changes during 24 hours. This live weather forecast application displays international and local weather updates for next three days. Download ... »

Netatmo boosts its Weathermap and integrates data from the Rain Gauge users

As the world's largest user-generated weather observation network, the Netatmo Weathermap currently displays data recorded by the Netatmo Weather Stations made ... »

Last year weather in any city in the world

The weather archive for last year have been added in the new version of the eWeather HD. Annual archives of air temperature and sea for any city in the world allows you to choose the good time ... »

Wthr : Innovative World Weather Forecast & HD Radar

r3app's Wthr: Innovative World Weather Forecast & HD Radar app continues to top iTunes. This reliable weather app provides users with detailed forecast for multiple locations across the world. Wthr, an innovative HD Radar ... »

The most informative weather app for android now becomes animated

New version (5.3) of the eWeather HD for Android released. New features: • Animation. • HD icons for Classic and Symbol themes. • New look for status bar pull down area. • Precipitation amount (blue bar height) and precipitation probability ... »

Nature Live Weather 3D

Nature Live Weather 3D FREE - application showing weather information with beautiful graphic effects on a 3D scene. Day/night cycle, moon phases, 4 seasons backgrounds. Current weather, this day and 6 days further forecast. Metric, imperial measure units. Swipe control. Application ... »

Netatmo Announces Rain Gauge, Addition to Weather Station

Weather fans can measure the level of rainfall directly from their smartphone. Consumers can monitor their personal rain fall and know when to water their plants. The Netatmo Rain Gauge records the amount of rainfall per hour or cumulated over longer ... »

Nature Live Weather 3D LWP

Nature Live Weather 3D LWP - beautiful live wallpaper showing actual weather information with weather conditions animation. On your homescreen you see real weather situation in your locality, even time of day and moon phase. Also there are backgrounds for ... »

Measure indoor/outdoor air quality with Netatmo Weather Station

The Netatmo Personal Weather Station is a connected device that allows users to measure indoor air quality, weather and more, and sets out to better prepare people for their day, offering users the opportunity to track personalized information. The sleek, ... »