10 Surah for Kids Word By Word - Learn Quran Verses

10 Surahs for Kids" is a dedicated Word by Word application for Muslim kids which serves as a Quran Tutor to help them automatically learn last ten Chapters of the Holy Quran through its unique features. In addition, there is ... »

Kids Dua Now Word By Word - Learn Dua For All Problems

Kids Dua Now is an interactive application for Muslim Kids to learn & memorize the daily Islamic Duas in the easiest way. In this app, Islamic Duas and supplications for everyday use are taught to children of different age groups ... »

Life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Life of Prophet Muhammad is an Android app covering the full biography of Muhammad PBUH. Muhammad PBUH is the last Prophet of Allah (Rasool allah) which is why it is obligatory for every Muslim to know every aspect of his ... »

Daily Chinese Horoscope for Android

"Daily Chinese Horoscope" is an app in which users can check their daily horoscope based on their respective Chinese zodiac signs.Users can also check their compatibility with other zodiac signs. Features: **Includes daily horoscopes of all twelve Chinese zodiac signs/animals »

Vine App

Having a bad day? want a good laugh? Hot vines are here to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. »

Mehndi Designs Latest 2015 -Find Mehndi Designs

Description Eid is an excellent event with lovely favors as distinctive little wonderful joys skilled by Almighty ALLAH after the Holy month of Ramzan. one of the little present is Mehndi/Henna which is extremely pulled in by ... »

Minecraft Stickers

Minecraft style Props. With tons of features you can customize your own photo with your favorite props with just one touch of a button and create your own Minecraft world.Features: - Works with photos taken with ... »

ActivityTracker App, Tracks All-Day Activity via Apple Watch and iPhone

Bits&Coffee releases ActivityTracker, an Apple Watch and iPhone app that empowers users to quantify their daily activity without draining their smartphone´s battery and without wearing yet another fitness gadget.Many gadgets that track the daily activity as ... »

Wearable technology

Wearable technology:- Wearable's are a great invention in the world of technology. Wearable devices are electronic devices that can be capsulated comfortably into the clothes and accessories. Wearable's initially got popular in business sector, now wearable's are gradually becoming popular among ... »

Synthesis Music Generator - automatically composes music

Synthesis Music Generator automatically generates new music using Cello Beehive's custom algorithm. Press play and listen for as long as you want: Synthesis Music Generator will keep composing and playing beautiful, relaxing, ambient sounds. No loops are used. Synthesis uses a ... »