Making Your Smartphone Smarter

Do you have a smartphone? Would you like to make it even smarter? Here is a free innovative Android app that makes switching sound profiles automatic - this means people with busy lifestyles have one less thing to claim their ... »

Wakie App – Get Live Wake Up Calls from Real People

"WAKIE-APP!!!" If you're like me you're no morning person, but you'd pretend to be if it meant showing courtesy to a stranger. You'd also be no ... »

Quad - Group Chat, College Sized


Mood | Feel, Share, Release

Ever wonder what people around you are really thinking and feeling? With Mood, you can take a peek into the thoughts floating around you. Mood is a positive and safe place where anyone can go with their thoughts and feelings ... »

Group GPS - Location Sharing for Active Groups

Group GPS is the easiest way to share location during real-life group adventures!IN SECONDS you create an activity, send invitations and get started. As group members join everyone's location is shared with the group and displayed on a ... »

Nocializer - a new social utility app

Amidst all the social media and networking apps that we have today, here's one utility app that helps you network with people the way you should! What if you are stuck/lost some place and need some information urgent, say the ... »

DRIVE.NET, the 1,000,000+ Member Social Network for Car Enthusiasts, Offers New iOS and Android App

With over one million users and one million cars shared, the globally popular social network for car enthusiasts DRIVE.NET is now ... »

Hipe messenger — Try emotional messaging

Hipe is the new messenger for friends that allows you to share funny and cool stuff, to share emotions and to avoid serious content and long texting talks. Users ... »

Followers for Instagram

Followers for Instagram is the best digital marketing tool available for both iPhone and iPad devices that helps you track your Instagram analytics.You can get your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and ... »

Fav Alert: Facebook add on for friend online alert on fb messenger via push notifications

Know what time your friends were online and for how long! Even alerts you when they logon. Staring at your Facebook ... »