Windows Phone 8.1 support customize the Start screen background. That's cool. But the problem is we cannot easily find the beautiful background pictures. Some pictures look nice, but will make the tile difficult to read.That's why I developed this ... »

Lao Keypad

Laotian keyboard is one of the most downloaded applications of Laotian language speakers. This application is designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod users. Laotian keyboard contains all the characters of this language. ... »

Urdu Keyboard

Urdu Keypad allows users to type all the characters of the Urdu language. When you quit the application, the text will be automatically saved. You can edit your text even when you have stored it. »

Khmer Keypad

Khmer Keypad is designed for iPhone and iPad. This application lets users to type all the characters of the Khmer language. Using their iOS devises users can type in their native language. The perfect design of the ... »

AmpIt! Increases Speed of iPhone and iPad Apps up to 50%

AmpIt! uses new technologies to increase the speed of apps on the iPhone and iPad. The heart of AmpIt! is a library which is optimized for various system operations, including graphics, communications, and storage. Once installed, this library takes over ... »

Measuring Pixels Directly on Android device

The app and mobile web developers can now check whether their graphic design implementation is correct immediately on the display of their Android device. The application Pixel Ruler, made by the Czech developer Vladislav Skoumal, is coming with an Android ... »

Amharic Keyboard

Amharic Keyboard We study, understand and remember the words of foreign languages. We don't study our native language, we just feel it. This application allows users to type all the characters of their native language. ... »

Transfer photos from computer to iPhone without iTunes sync with 'Rollit, photo transfer app'

Everyone knows that transferring your photos and videos from your computer to your iDevice is a mess. Once you used iTunes synchronization, you have totally lost control over your medias. There is no way you can delete them nor move them ... »

Auto Sleep or AutoStandBy Mode with Autosleeper

Do you use your Android as a car navigator or audio system? Do you miss turning power on when you turn the car on and vice versa, just ... »

SurveyMonkey Mobile App

SurveyMonkey, the world's leading online survey platform, launched its first mobile app to create, monitor and analyze surveys from anywhere. SurveyMonkey Mobile The new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is designed for two powerful use cases: creating ... »