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Megapocket Carrom

Csharks Games & Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one among the leading game studios in India, released their new Android board game Megapocket Carrom. Carrom is a "strike and pocket" table game popular ... »

Sync.ME– Caller ID & Block App

Sync.ME is the #1 app for caller ID, text ID and to identify scam calls! »

My Loader Hero: the new game for New Holland Construction fans

Play with New Holland Construction's new 'My Loader Hero' game for tablet and mobile devices. It's a race against time: find the way through a labyrinth on board of a quick and agile New Holland Skid Steer Loader. Gather the load ... »

Ponka Dots: An addictive dots saving game

Description It is the year 2589, and ponka dots have taken over the world, there are good ponka dots and there are bad ponka dots. The question comes up "How to save them?" It is simple, the ... »

daClub- Your Persnal DJ, Social Internet Radio

A music app with customize radio for everyone, high resolution music video, a little bit social function and free charge is the right recipe for daily use, and daClub has got them all. daClub is an android music app that combines ... »

Great recipes for Starbucks Menu Pro version - More than 100 Drink recipes. Share your drink Recipe

*** Hey guys,we present you the best app ever! *** Starbucks Menu reveals you the secrets of the world's best coffee that you enjoy so much and order at Starbucks. A wide variety of recipes for amazing cold ... »


Eximus is a fun, minimalistic, and amazing game that will keep you playing for hours! Race through a simple landscape avoiding obstacles, collecting power-ups, and going as far as you can in each endless, randomly generated level. Earn "moneys" through ... »

'JobsQuench' app for job seekers and recuriters

JobsQuench app launched by Tikshi aims to make searching for a job that much easier. It also supports recruiters in finding the best candidate to fill a job vacancy. »

RollOver. A challenging game for Android.

You control a ball that rolls down a hill and has to jump over various obstacles to achieve a new high score. On his way down you also collect coins which a) give you more points and b) allows you ... »

Eat It: Still Hungry - Physics and Arcade

You are a hungry little smiley in a world full of evil. In order to become big and strong, you need to eat - a lot. Evil enemy smileys are the only nourishment in sight, so you try catch ... »