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First game made by cats

MeowMix will be released Oct. 29 this fall. That game for iPad and iPhones has original gameplay, you never seen before - a mixture of classical lovely games: Tetris and match-3. Player controls falling shapes and chooses which to ... »

What Message Does Qibla Teach To Muslims

To some ordinary person, the Qibla or Kabah in Makkah would just be a rectangular building around to which Muslims have associated heavenly qualities and they revere it because of that. As per Islamic belief, Qibla or Kabah is the ... »

Get ready for the innovative shopping Sherlock app

Shopping Sherlock has been assisting people in shopping for the best deals all under a single roof, letting them save time as well as money. No matter what type of product you are looking for, you can get deals on ... »

The cool way to save your loyalty cards on your smartphone

We all know how cumbersome it sometime is to carry all the loyalty cards with us, which are offered to us from airlines, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, gasoline stations etc. In many cases we simply forget the loyalty cards at home ... »

Encap Security Incorporates Convenience of Apple Touch ID for Financial Services Apps

Fingerprint Convenience Provides One of Many Secure Layers for Definitive User Authentication Oslo & Palo Alto - October 21, 2014 - Encap Security, the first in-app authentication solution to arm banks, retailers and other financial services providers with impervious ... »

OBtuz RUSH - Download the Halloween Version and Paly Trick-or-Treat!

Halloween is just around the corner! Let's get the holiday spirit and celebrate! How about hitting tortoises and monsters with free pumpkins and enjoy the fun of it! »

How to Hire Android Developers

So you've got an idea for an Android app and now want to make it into a reality? Well for this you will need an android developer and you can hire one from incubasys. so that you can ... »

Mobile App Marketing: From Scratch

Marketing your app to hundreds of dollars of revenue in your bank account If you are having an app developed or you're an app developer yourself, then »

RunSafe Fitness & Safety App

There are quite a few fitness apps out there and several safety apps as well but none that seem to do both very well. I found that out the hard way after a scare I had earlier this year when ... »

Last year weather in any city in the world

The weather archive for last year have been added in the new version of the eWeather HD. Annual archives of air temperature and sea for any city in the world allows you to choose the good time ... »