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Locker Master

Lock your phone to your own style with Locker Master! Discover one of the world's most amazing locker screen! Wanna be cool? wanna be Unique? Let's try Locker Master~hundreds of lock screen themes are waiting for ... »


This Jurassic park type game from Glu has a tag line: "Hunt or be Hunted!" there are all kinds of dinosaurs in the mysterious untouched Island where the game is set. These range from the not-harmful vegetarians to those like ... »

'Animal Face and Tail “, 100+ free faces, tails and more. Best Animal Photo app on the App Store.

With more than 100 free faces, "Animal Face and Tail" is the most complete Animal Photo app on the App Store. Available today, the app "Animal Face And Tail" allow users to personalize their photos ... »

Location Alerts: A Scheduler App That Triggers Events Like Call, Texting and Reminder Based on Location

How many times, it happens that we miss the functionality of a basic call, text and reminder scheduler in our smart-phones that can interrupt us when desired and can accomplish the scheduled task. There ... »

Mobi DB 2.0 – Android Databases Have Never Been So Easy to Manage!

Perpetuum Software announces a new version of Mobi DB which is a comprehensive database management tool for Android devices. It is now packed with new powerful features that make it possible to create complex relational databases and efficiently organize data. Very ... »

leader file manager for Android release its great major update with dark theme, dropbox file manager and other features

Tomi File Manager, a full featured file manager, smartly classifies your own files into Music, Pictures, Videos, Documents, makes you the best file explorer and downloads manager, and closely works as primary root explorer for advanced users in different using ... »

ClipUp - Gather Your Ideas. Organize Your Life

What is ClipUp? You can think about the app in two ways. One: Like an "idea web," which helps you organize concepts or ideas. Each board is a general topic in the center of a web of connected ideas and ... »

EASY! The first productivity app you will actually use

It might seem that the App Store is already crowded with productivity apps. But the behavior of their users indicates that they are still not quite satisfied with them. They often tend to look for even better app that would ... »

Promishare – positive goals & habits motivation public commitment

The main goal of Promishare is helping people fulfill their promises through public commitments. With a clear and intuitive graphics, the Promishare app can readily get started today. Each user will take a great liking in the innovative interface and ... »

Lock&load new iOS Instagun - Moments FX obscure photo tuner!

Cheat like a Boss - create pro shots without any skills! Take it ALL: Filters Transfer your mood into every captured moment, make each shot sunny, rainy, bright, blurred ... »